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Fall Flying in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Tyson Rhame

Tyson Rhame Flying

With the fall season right around the corner, Tyson Rhame thought he would share one of his favorite fall flying videos filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Perfect temperatures and calm predictable weather after a frontal passage make for perfect flying weather.  Tyson Rhame has been flying in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains for many years and definitely knows where to go to find the best views and most entertaining flight routes.  For all his film work, Ty uses the Drift Innovation cameras attached to his Extra 330LT aircraft using self fabricated mounts.  After years of experimentation, Ty has managed to create an aircraft camera mount for his aircraft that is stable, streamline, secure, and dampens vibration effectively.

Ty has been flying since 1984.  He originally started flying and teaching flying in glider aircraft at the United States Air Force Academy.  Following the Air Force Academy, Ty attended Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training(UPT) at Reese AFB in Lubbock, Texas where he flew T-37 and T-38 aircraft.  Upon graduating from UPT, Ty was immediately back as a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP) and taught new air force pilots until 1994.  Following his FAIP assignment, Ty was assigned to the C-130 aircraft and flew on active duty and in the Georgia Air National Guard until 2005.  Ty transitioned to the Air Force Reserves in 2005 and eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2014 with over 30 years of military service.   In addition to flying thousands of hours all over the world, Ty flew over 200 combat missions and combat support missions while in the Air Force totaling over 230 hours of combat time.  Tyson Rhame was awarded numerous Air Medals, Aerial Achievement Medals, Commendation Medals, and 3 Meritorious Service Medals for his service in the United States Air Force.  Ty was hired by a major airline in 1999 and flew large commercial jets until he took an early retirement in late 2015.  Ty now flies privately and enjoys sharing his flying experiences through his videos.  Ty’s primary aircraft for enjoyment is a 2 seat Extra 330LT in which he often takes passengers flying.  “I love nothing more than sharing with others the thrill and freedom I feel every time I fly—Ty Rhame” If you are lucky, you may see Ty’s plane at your local airfield when he is looking for someone to fill his front seat.

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Tyson Rhame – Entrepreneur & philanthropist

Tyson Allen Rhame, a proud United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and riveting motivator has created a mainstream platform for himself through the internet via his personal website (www.tyrhame.com) and his social media channels (via Ty Rhame Facebook, Ty Rhame Twitter, and Ty Rhame YouTube) to connect his entrepreneurial advice, his business related philanthropy projects, and his extremely informational presentation material to form perfectly laid out blueprints for success. Tyson A. Rhame received his initial education from the United States Air Force Academy, then went on to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science.

Tyson A. Rhame has since become a very influential figure in the United States Air Force Reserves. His dedication to grooming leaders through inspiration and proper mindset soon took his Air Force career to another level when he became a member of the Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors. As a board member, Tyson Rhame works with Congressmen in the selection process of inducting Air Force Academy cadets. Tyson Rhame’s self proclaimed goal is to encourage Air Force Academy cadets to make the most out of their Air Force training in order to become undeniable leaders and maximize their futures in the military and also beyond their military careers. Ty Rhame is an advocate for taking ownership of failures, successes, and decision making. Here is what he had to say on his website in regards to hiring the best employees and encouraging them to make good decisions, “You hire your employees because of their skills and traits. Now empower them to do their jobs by trusting them to make their own decisions.”


Tyson Rhame built a sound foundation for himself through his Air Force education, training, and career, and has used that as the backbone to his expertise in business and entrepreneurial success. Due his proven success in so many different avenues of business Tyson Rhame has become the voice of strategic advice behind several businesses including but not limited to: the Sterling Currency Group, SterlingFunder.com, and the Recleim Group. The Recleim Group is a de-manufacturing company for appliances that has broken barriers and set a higher standard for competitors under the direction of Tyson Rhame.

The Recleim Group utilizes state of the art technology to exceed the expectations of the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards. His other business endeavor that has given him recognition for his extensive business knowledge, success, and efforts is SterlingFunder.com. SterlingFunder.com is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs. SterlingFunder.com is used as a tool to connect entrepreneurs who need capital with investors who are willing to put up their own capital for equity in the company. Additionally, SterlingFunder.com allows entrepreneurs to personally connect with other successful business men with the same mindset and values as Ty Rhame, which will in turn give the opportunity to pick up expert advice and planning to solidify continued success.


Tyson Rhame also has an online art brokerage called the Online Art Group and a creative idea with the company Uservia, who specialize in connecting homeowners to service professionals who can assist with general home maintenance issues. Tyson Rhame is also partial owner of a unique and practical hat company by the name of JBREM who manufactures hats that cater to consumers such as truck drivers and athletes who wear baseball caps and sun glasses, and often place their sun glasses on their head when not in use. The JBREM hats have pockets that are built in to each side in order to place the arms of sun glasses in them to preventing the glasses from falling off the head or cap. Although Tyson Rhame’s business portfolio is extensive, he remains open to new investment opportunities in the future.

Ty Rhame’s philanthropy is more impressive than much of his business and military accolades due to his amazing ability to give to so many different areas of need in the community and all over the country. The Rhame Family Foundation, based in Atlanta, is dedicated to assisting students and schools in enhancing the educational experience for our up and coming leaders. The Rhame Family Foundation has donated items such as computers and sports equipment, such as wrestling mats and tennis racquets to K-12 schools in Atlanta in attempt to enhance the overall learning experience and also to reward students with everything necessary to enjoy their extracurricular activities.

Also, Tyson Rhame is an environmentalist to the highest extent and illustrates his love for the world around us through the causes for some of his donations. In recent years Ty Rhame has donated over 1,000 acres of land totaling over $20 million dollars to the state of Georgia, and the state of South Carolina and the state of Tennessee for land conservation purposes. The majority of the donations made by Ty Rhame specifically went to the cities of Union City, GA and Graniteville, SC. The plan of the conservation project was to voluntarily restrict landowners rights to build, mine, or remove trees in the areas mentioned.

Tyson Rhame also has a passion for health related causes as well as anything involving the betterment of youth. With this in mind, Ty Rhame has donated over $40,000 to the Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta to assist in research studies and various other needs as well as substantial contributions to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, and Save the Children. Ty Rhame is also involved in community resources such as Meals on Wheels, and numerous military affiliated projects such as Hire Heros, the Wounded Warriors Project, all of which cater to our recently discharged servicemen and women who need assistance once the military is no longer an option.

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Tyson Rhame’s platform via social media and the internet has given him the ability to spread his knowledge to the world and assist others in becoming the best leaders they can be. On Ty Rhame’s website tysonrhame.tumblr.com there is a lot of the resources, links, verbiage, and videography that he has used and compiled in order to make informational presentations readily available to those who need it. Also, Ty Rhame Facebook, Ty Rhame Twitter, and Ty Rhame’s Blog display daily informational posts and information needed to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

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Avoid doing it all – By Ty Rhame

Very few successful entrepreneurs can do it all themselves. An important part of being a great business leader is learning to share the load in the most effective way. This is why you hire competent and useful people. You won’t be able to do everything required to create a successful business yourself; you will have to bring in others. Who you select to help you run your business will go a long way in determining how successful it will be. One of the most important tasks for any entrepreneur to master is the art of hiring the right professionals for the job. You simply cannot afford to lose time, money and results by hiring the wrong people.

By Ty Rhame

Top 7 Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur

Many people say that they want to become an entrepreneur, but they don’t really know why. Here are my top 7 reasons why someone should become an entrepreneur.

You gain autonomy: Running your own company/business allows you to take full charge of your life, including how you use your time.

Opportunities: Entrepreneurship opens you up to a new world of opportunities. There is no limit to the number of businesses you can create.

Responsibility: You can make a contribution to society because the decision is all your.
Be your own boss: No one likes to be told what to do. When you own your own business, you can choose your own path.

More family time: When you control your own time, you can choose how you allocate it and have more time with family.

Opportunity to create a legacy: If you are one of those people who want to be remembered for the contributions you made in life, entrepreneurship is the way to go

Control: Although succeeding as an entrepreneur takes more hard work and sacrifice, you have a better sense of security because you control your finances.

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I’m a big believer in hard work – it gets results!

Rhame Family Foundation Launches

ty rhame family foundation

Looking for another way to give back to my community, I made the decision to create a family foundation that supports k-12 public schools in the Atlanta area. We’ve already made some great grants to our partner schools, thanks to RFF Executive Director Amy Wilson.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Your Own Business

There are many reasons why you might want to be a business owner as opposed to being an employee.  Here are five of my favorite reasons about why owning a business is a great thing to do.

1. You can pursue your passion

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than pursuing your passion. When you wake up every day and do what you like, you don’t feel like you’re working. This makes life very fulfilling. No one has to push you around to work. Also, everything tends to fall in place when you pursue that which you were born to do i.e. your passion. There is in fact no better reason to start your own business other than to pursue your passion/dreams.

2. You take full control of your destiny

It is also fulfilling to be able to take control of your own life and make your own decisions. Working for someone else denies you this opportunity. When you own your own business, you don’t have to get buy-in from anyone. You can determine anything about your business from the culture to goals and strategies steering you company to whatever direction you see fit. Although running your own business can be a daunting task even when you delegate, you get the thrill of having full control.

3. You can choose who you work with

Employees rarely have the opportunity to choose their workmates unless they are in senior management positions. Considering that companies thrive because of teamwork, being able to choose who you work with is enough to motivate anyone to own their own business. If you dream of working with positive people who genuinely care about their work and share the same passion as you, you are better off starting your own business.

4. You can reap the full benefits of your efforts

Many employees are dissatisfied with their jobs because they feel like they are marginalized. The best way to make sure you get rewarded for your efforts is to start your own business. In most organizational settings, the employees who work the hardest aren’t the ones who get paid the most. If you want more for your efforts, you should consider owning your own business.

5. You get unmatched fulfillment

Although it is possible to be fulfilled as an employee, it is impossible to get the same sense of pride you get when you build something on our own. Succeeding through your own abilities, ideas, efforts and leadership brings you a sense of fulfillment that can’t be achieved any other way. If you believe that most people want to live a fulfilling life, owning a business can be one way to achieve that goal.

Why did you start your business? What keeps you going? Share your story with us.

Tyson Rhame’s platform via social media and the internet has given him the ability to spread his knowledge to the world and assist others in becoming the best leaders they can be. On Ty Rhame’s website tysonrhame.tumblr.com there is a lot of the resources, links, verbiage, and videography that he has used and compiled in order to make informational presentations readily available to those who need it. Also, Ty Rhame FacebookTy Rhame Twitter, and Ty Rhame’s Blog display daily informational posts and information needed to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur.