Rhame Family Foundation Launches

ty rhame family foundation

Looking for another way to give back to my community, I made the decision to create a family foundation that supports k-12 public schools in the Atlanta area. We’ve already made some great grants to our partner schools, thanks to RFF Executive Director Amy Wilson.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Own Your Own Business

There are many reasons why you might want to be a business owner as opposed to being an employee.  Here are five of my favorite reasons about why owning a business is a great thing to do.

1. You can pursue your passion

Nothing is more fulfilling in life than pursuing your passion. When you wake up every day and do what you like, you don’t feel like you’re working. This makes life very fulfilling. No one has to push you around to work. Also, everything tends to fall in place when you pursue that which you were born to do i.e. your passion. There is in fact no better reason to start your own business other than to pursue your passion/dreams.

2. You take full control of your destiny

It is also fulfilling to be able to take control of your own life and make your own decisions. Working for someone else denies you this opportunity. When you own your own business, you don’t have to get buy-in from anyone. You can determine anything about your business from the culture to goals and strategies steering you company to whatever direction you see fit. Although running your own business can be a daunting task even when you delegate, you get the thrill of having full control.

3. You can choose who you work with

Employees rarely have the opportunity to choose their workmates unless they are in senior management positions. Considering that companies thrive because of teamwork, being able to choose who you work with is enough to motivate anyone to own their own business. If you dream of working with positive people who genuinely care about their work and share the same passion as you, you are better off starting your own business.

4. You can reap the full benefits of your efforts

Many employees are dissatisfied with their jobs because they feel like they are marginalized. The best way to make sure you get rewarded for your efforts is to start your own business. In most organizational settings, the employees who work the hardest aren’t the ones who get paid the most. If you want more for your efforts, you should consider owning your own business.

5. You get unmatched fulfillment

Although it is possible to be fulfilled as an employee, it is impossible to get the same sense of pride you get when you build something on our own. Succeeding through your own abilities, ideas, efforts and leadership brings you a sense of fulfillment that can’t be achieved any other way. If you believe that most people want to live a fulfilling life, owning a business can be one way to achieve that goal.

Why did you start your business? What keeps you going? Share your story with us.

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