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Fall Flying in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Tyson Rhame

Tyson Rhame Flying

With the fall season right around the corner, Tyson Rhame thought he would share one of his favorite fall flying videos filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Perfect temperatures and calm predictable weather after a frontal passage make for perfect flying weather.  Tyson Rhame has been flying in and around the Blue Ridge Mountains for many years and definitely knows where to go to find the best views and most entertaining flight routes.  For all his film work, Ty uses the Drift Innovation cameras attached to his Extra 330LT aircraft using self fabricated mounts.  After years of experimentation, Ty has managed to create an aircraft camera mount for his aircraft that is stable, streamline, secure, and dampens vibration effectively.

Ty has been flying since 1984.  He originally started flying and teaching flying in glider aircraft at the United States Air Force Academy.  Following the Air Force Academy, Ty attended Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training(UPT) at Reese AFB in Lubbock, Texas where he flew T-37 and T-38 aircraft.  Upon graduating from UPT, Ty was immediately back as a First Assignment Instructor Pilot (FAIP) and taught new air force pilots until 1994.  Following his FAIP assignment, Ty was assigned to the C-130 aircraft and flew on active duty and in the Georgia Air National Guard until 2005.  Ty transitioned to the Air Force Reserves in 2005 and eventually retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2014 with over 30 years of military service.   In addition to flying thousands of hours all over the world, Ty flew over 200 combat missions and combat support missions while in the Air Force totaling over 230 hours of combat time.  Tyson Rhame was awarded numerous Air Medals, Aerial Achievement Medals, Commendation Medals, and 3 Meritorious Service Medals for his service in the United States Air Force.  Ty was hired by a major airline in 1999 and flew large commercial jets until he took an early retirement in late 2015.  Ty now flies privately and enjoys sharing his flying experiences through his videos.  Ty’s primary aircraft for enjoyment is a 2 seat Extra 330LT in which he often takes passengers flying.  “I love nothing more than sharing with others the thrill and freedom I feel every time I fly—Ty Rhame” If you are lucky, you may see Ty’s plane at your local airfield when he is looking for someone to fill his front seat.

Ty Rhame

Avoid doing it all – By Ty Rhame

Very few successful entrepreneurs can do it all themselves. An important part of being a great business leader is learning to share the load in the most effective way. This is why you hire competent and useful people. You won’t be able to do everything required to create a successful business yourself; you will have to bring in others. Who you select to help you run your business will go a long way in determining how successful it will be. One of the most important tasks for any entrepreneur to master is the art of hiring the right professionals for the job. You simply cannot afford to lose time, money and results by hiring the wrong people.

By Ty Rhame